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Retail promotion - This is our primary day-to-day business and it involves communicating with buyers/managers for key independent and chain retail shops and one-stops (wholesalers) around the U.S., that should stock and be able to sell a particular release. We relay pertinent information about a title regarding its distribution, local airplay, publicity, artist tour info, etc. Sales activity and other vital information is collected from each account and this information is sent in a tracking report on a regular basis. We communicate regularly with radio promoters and publicists involved with each release in order to keep up to date with the latest airplay, media exposure, etc., so the information passed on to accounts is fresh and accurate. If a label/artist needs radio or publicity help, then I can make recommendations in those areas. Programs and Advertising - we will keep the label/artist informed of various advertising opportunities and promotions/programs that we feel will be important in the development and exposure of said release(s) to the target consumer. These promotions may include listening posts, in-store play, newspaper ads, radio ads, one stop mailer ads, fliers, etc.

Set Up Tours/Tour support - We can set up performance opportunities on a local, regional or national level. Arranging itineraries is a separate function and will be discussed on a case by case basis. Our retail support efforts will be focused more extensively toward accounts in the tour markets. Our retail efforts will be focused more extensively into tour markets and we contact more chain stores in order to maximize awareness and visibility in support of a touring artist. Performances at stores arepossible in today’s marketplace and we can help coordinate these events, especially with independent retailers.

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